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What Type of Company Culture Should You Look For?


You know that you’ll be happier if you step into a workplace that aligns well with your personality. And you know that you’ll fit in, thrive, and stay for a long time if you can forge a personal connection with your coworkers and eventually count a few of them among your closest friends. So do yourself a favor and actively seek out a company culture that works for you…Don’t let your potential employer dictate whether or not you’re a match. And don’t just roll the dice and hope for the best; it’s perfectly okay to walk away from a workplace culture that varies too far from what you need. Here are a few tips that can help you determine whether or not you belong.

Know What Kinds of Environments Work for You

Call upon a combination of your experience and your intuition. And be honest with yourself. Would you rather collaborate with your coworkers or compete with them? Would you rather spend your days among those who will do “anything to win”, or among those who retain sight of the big picture? Do you want to surround yourself with gossipy but friendly types, or reserved introverts who will leave you in peace and expect the same in return? There are many types of cultures, but as you search for jobs, hold onto a clear vision of your ideal.

Recognize Your Preferred Pace

A key aspect of your workplace culture (and your potential for happiness and success) will be pacing. Do you thrive in a workplace with tight deadlines, constant pressure to produce, and long hours that extend into the night? Or would you rather complete your work on a flexible schedule, emphasizing quality over quantity? If you’re laid-back, find a laid-back workplace, not an anxiety-fueled shark tank. But if you enjoy working fast and want an employer who will reward you for this tendency, don’t hold back.

How do You Define Integrity?

The definition of this term varies from one person and one workplace culture to another. If you place a personal priority on obedience and loyalty to your employer, choose an employer who will respect and reward you for your commitment. If you can only align yourself with a company that places its shareholders first, find an employer who meets this need. If you want a company that demonstrates respect for its customers, its employees, the environment, and the local and global community, then find one that fits this bill. Ask plenty of questions during your interview. Grill your employers as much as they grill you.

For more information on how to find a company culture that matches your personality and aligns with your long term plans, reach out to the staffing team at SCP.

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