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Hot Topics in Healthcare: Use These to Strengthen Your Resume


Healthcare industry hiring managers usually need employees with very specific skill sets and the cultural adaptability that will allow them to adjust to a specific new workplace. Administrators need very different qualifications from a PA, a physical therapist, an RN, a cardiothoracic surgeon, and a nurse anesthesiologist. But there are a few universal skill sets that increase the value of any healthcare professional in search of a new position, and these skills are often linked to the subject areas of greatest concern to healthcare administrators and hiring managers. Consider the list of terms below. What do these topics mean to you, and how can you incorporate this understanding into the core message of your resume?

Patient Advocacy

This is a very hot topic in the healthcare field right now, and this concept lies at the heart of responsible and ethical medical treatment. Managers need healthcare pros who will work to protect an individual patient from getting lost in the system, getting rushed into procedures they don’t need, or being discharged without fully understanding how to take their medication. Explain how you stand up for your patients and make sure they fully understand how to protect their own health.

Patient Centered Care

Strong healthcare pros always place the patient first during assessment, diagnosis, and treatment. Instead of opting for the path that’s most convenient or least expensive for the care provider, great healthcare employees prioritize patient needs.

Records Management

Most health systems are rapidly changing the methods they use to create and maintain patient files. Record keeping systems are moving from paper to electronic formats, and from independent and proprietary systems to integrated systems with shared servers that allow records to shift between one clinical facility and another within the same system. This process is expected to streamline care, but these upgrades and IT transitions are far from seamless. Healthcare pros who can stay flexible in the face of IT transitions are highly valued.

Integrated Care

As hospitals and health systems integrate and multiple clinics and outpatient facilities combine under the same corporate umbrella, patients can receive integrated care from a wide network of providers. Navigating patient care in an integrated system will require a higher level of communication and advocacy skills on the part of healthcare providers.

HIPAA Compliance

The Health Information Privacy and Accountability Act has been in place for about a decade and has transformed the way patient information is handled within healthcare systems. Make it clear that you understand the basic structure of this act and how it impacts communication within and outside of your facility or department.

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