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Simple Ways to Speed Up Your Job Search


Is your job search taking too long? If you answered with a resounding “Yes” no matter how long you’ve been on the market, you’re not alone. Here’s a secret: Almost every job seeker in the world feels like the search is eternal…even if it only began a few days ago. The length of an average job search typically falls around six months, though of course this varies depending on the seeker’s level of urgency and how much time he or she invests in the search each day. Job seekers who are currently employed tend to move a little slower, and the fastest job seekers tend to be those who are desperate for work and unburdened by other obligations like a current job, childcare, a demanding lifestyle, or limited connectivity.

Yes, you may feel like you’ve been searching for ages…but don’t panic just yet. And try a few of the moves below. These simple adjustments can help you pick up the pace to your destination.

Balance screen time with face time

If you’re completing your entire job search while hiding behind a screen, you’re missing opportunities. Likewise, if you’re constantly scheduling informational interviews and networking events and you haven’t scanned an online job board in days, you’re also missing out. Your search should involve a balanced mix of both. Start with an hour a day spent on each.

Stop overworking your resume

A great resume definitely has the power to move you forward…but not if you spend so much time editing and rewriting each line that you miss submission deadlines and allow doors to close. When you hear a contact say “Shoot me your resume and I’ll look it over/pass it along,” try to get your resume into that person’s hands within 48 hours. Edit as much as you can during that period, then let it go.

Radiate confidence, not anxiety

You’re about to attend a party with several other guests who hold positions in your industry. And you plan to make the most of this opportunity. You’ll be networking, circulating, pressing palms, asking for favors, and handing out your card. But before you enter the room, pause. Relax. Try to have a good time and enjoy the art of conversation for its own sake. Ironically, job seekers often seem to get more help and traction when they aren’t directly asking for help and traction.

Don’t stop moving

Slow and steady wins the race. Actually, in this case, fast and steady wins the race. But the moral remains the same: keep moving. Never wait by the phone after submitting a resume or reaching out for an opportunity. Just move onto the next one without missing a beat.

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