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Using a Healthcare Job Description to Tailor Your Resume


As you draft and editor your healthcare resume, every minute you invest in the smallest details will come back to you in the form of increased employer attention…sometimes. But sometimes this doesn’t happen at all. In a perfect world, spending hours and hours on every job application would result in an avalanche of interviews, but… Read more »

Using LinkedIn to Create a Strong Network


Just like employees in any industry, healthcare workers are wise to use every tool at their disposal to create and maintain strong social networks. This is an easy-come, easy-go age for professionals trying to navigate lifelong careers; every office door is a revolving door, and the only form of real job security is a comfortable… Read more »

How to Improve Your Nurse to Patient Ratio


While studies generally confirm that increasing the nurse-to-patient ratio in a hospital facility can improve care outcomes, these studies have occasionally been inconclusive, and the strength of these conclusions can have a significant impact on hospitals and clinics that are already operating with lean staffing budgets. While a staffing increase may—but also may not—yield measurable… Read more »

Is Healthcare a Good Career Move?


The healthcare field offers a wide range of careers, any one of which can be a fulfilling and rewarding lifelong choice, depending on your goals and personality. But before you make a long term commitment to this industry—or invest heavily in an expensive education—it’s a good idea to spend a little time weighing the rewards… Read more »

The Benefits of Goal Setting for Healthcare Employees


Why bother setting goals during your annual performance reviews? After all, creating clear and measurable performance goals can require considerable effort, and following up on these goals throughout the year can cost time that could easily be spent on other projects. But despite the time and energy it takes to carefully review employee performance and… Read more »