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Unconventional Job Search Tactics that Will get You Noticed


You may be resisting the idea of submitting a black-and-white, by-the-book, cookie cutter resume that’s probably identical to every other resume in the candidate pool, and you may also be dreading a conventional interview session— a hollow exchange of scripted questions and answers that reveal nothing about who you really are. If you’re looking for… Read more »

Negotiate for Better Benefits


You’ve been searching for a new position in the healthcare industry for a while now, and your interviews and resume submissions are starting to evolve into offers. At this point, you’ve landed an offer for a position that seems perfect for you in every way, with one key exception: the salary falls below your target… Read more »

Recent College Grad Job Search Hurdles


There’s really no way to sugar coat the news: If you’re graduating from college and stepping onto the job market this spring, you can expect a rough transition to the workforce. The hiring landscape is competitive, jobs are hard to find, and at the entry level, both pay and respectful treatment are often handed out… Read more »